Loggers Insurance

Loggers Insurance

“If you have loggers broad form you must also have general liability”

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For the newbies in the loggers insurance purchasing arena it is important to know that you “must” purchase general liability with the same limits as the loggers broad form. Let us take the State of California as an example.

Story for the neb…  A phone call comes into the office and the newly licensed timber operator has just completed his training to get a license and is informed that they must purchase loggers broad form insurance.  (OK! Great)  The neb calls in and wants a quote on Logger Broad Form insurance and is asked. “Do you also need general liability or do you already have it?

The reply: “No, I just need the loggers broad form”  (WRONG!)

The loggers broad form insurance also requires that logger to have general liability with matching limits. “IN General”.. the loggers broad form is third party liability for fire suppression whereas the General liability covers Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Advertising Injury, Medical and is always quoted with a list of terms and conditions, including exclusions,  that may vary from logger to logger.

For example:

  • Do load trucks?
  • Do you perform excavation?
  • Will you work around powerlines?
  • Do you need to name any Utility companies “ever” as an additional insured?
  • Do you perform other services such as landscaping or bridge building?
  • and the list goes on..

Thus, the general liability insurance is tailored to meet the operations of contractors of “many” trades and licenses classifications. General liability is not “loggers broad form liability”.

Loggers Broad Form Insurance Operations Determine Market

The number of insurance carriers providing loggers broad form insurance is a short list. In our experience we work with less than six in the entire United States.  It is our hopes to gain as many members as possible to allow us to gain the attention of insurance carriers looking to profit on your kind of work.  The hint here is to get as many members as possible on this site.

Here are the dividing lines for many of our markets. This short list is not exhaustive but only the “dividing” line. By dividing line I mean depending on your operation some or all of the insurance carriers offering Loggers Broad Form insurance may decline to quote.

  1. More that 25% receipt working for residential home owners or in residential areas,
  2. Having the need at anytime to name a Utility Company as an additional Insured,
  3. Sub-contracting 100% of your logging operations out to sub-contractors,
  4. Slash burning over a certain percentage,
  5. Control Fire burns as a primary operation,
  6. Aerial / Helicopter operations,
  7. Operations other than logging that are not acceptable,
  8. Is there “equipment” that will be scheduled,
  9. Doing any logging operations that are not performed in the Forest in performing logging operations

On the last question, we have one carrier that will not allow any operations outside of the forest.

At this point we usually get questions like “Which one is the cheapest?”  And we say.. “It does not work that way?”

The way that it does work is to complete and application and let us know “what kind of work” you will be performing and we will get a quote to cover your operations according to your operations, other underwriting information and our carriers will provide you with a quote with specific terms and conditions that you can then review with one of our licensed and trained insurance brokers.

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