Timber Operator/Logger Association “Featured” Monthly Subscription

$79.99 / month

Logging Associations and their members

This product can only be purchased by members.


Featured Monthly

You may login and modify your listing as many times as you want.  You will be notified by email when the listing is going to expire to remind you that you can make change and renew for free with the “Standard” listing. With the Standard listing you can:

  1. Add Events and they will attached to your listing with a special tab
  2. Change or add your services or product Categories
  3. Add Customized TAGS
  4. Add Photos and Videos
  5. Connect your listing with link to Social Media.
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
    4. learn more…

Check out this Demo Logger listing by clicking here. 

You may upgrade to a “Featured” listing at any time.

(Featured listing are a paid listing and renew monthly)


Attention members of associations, organizations or businesses that have multiple locations or members! You can add your members to your listings as and Affiliate Location or Member.

How? It’s simple. Just register the “parent/main” association first and then start adding in the other Affiliate / Member locations.

Note; Affiliate Locations / Member are free with the “Standard Free Listings and there is a cost if the Parent/Main association is a “Featured” subscriber.

Can a member have both an Affiliated Location/Member listing and their own?  Yes! They can!


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