Jobs, Projects and Work

Our mission with our Jobs board is to allow users of many sectors of our society to seek and post employment opportunities as they relate to the Timber and Logging Industry.

Posting and seeking jobs will be a “fee per post” or a “packaged permissions” based service. While we are making improvements to the site you are welcome to search and post jobs for free. You must first register to use this site. Register by clicking here.

Employers and Job Seekers

Let’s keep it simple and play by the rules. 

When posting jobs / employment opportunities, be forthright and honest. If the job posting closes, please remove the ad.

Timber Fallers, Tree Contractors and others must carry at a minimum “General Liability Insurance” and be willing to show the consumer or other contractors a Certificate of General Liability.

In some States, a second type of liability insurance is required. For example, the State of California requires Loggers Broad Form Insurance. 

It is highly suggested (and in some cases required) that homeowners, entities and others with an interest in the work being performed be named as Additional Insured.

Furthermore, as is the case with Cal Fire in the State of California, the Loggers Broad Form Insurance must be on a “occurrence form” basis. We at Athena Insurance and Financial Services offer bot “occurrence form:” and claims-made form. In California we only write “occurrence form” unless requested otherwise. ( Cal Fire requires occurrence form)

Homeowners and Other Property Owners

Are you searching for professionals to hire for a project? Consider posting your project on our jobs board. You do not have to be employed in the industry to seek a professional.

Post your project and take bids. “Buyers Beware” we are not an employment agency nor do we provide legal advise to consumers. We suggest that you “vet” all contractors and make sure they have the proper licensing, as for referrals and request to named as “Additional Insured” on their insurance. Do not let them start work without proof of the following:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • “Optionally” Loggers Broad Form Liability

You too must be registered to post a job and there will be a slight cost to run your ad.