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Hello one and all.  I would like suggest a review and periodic re-re-review of this page. Why? The reason is because we “will” be changing the job posting pricing, resume pricing and other items as time progresses.

Next, the Parent/Child/Categories of posting.  I have noticed the latest “fad” is to “boast” about large numbers of jobs from some very popular web sites. “No names mentioned”…

I have decided to “not” import jobs from other vendors. Why? Because I want the jobs posted on my job sites to be “focused” to Industry Specific Sectors,.

I felt the need to keep it tight.   (note: I am the owner of,, and I will be targeting Jobs here in the United States only. Again.. so that no one takes offence. This is “me” doing the programming and taking on all the web design work.  Jobs Programming in the United States alone is a great deal of work for me to do after hours from my main career.  Which by the way is that of a super-stupendious-massively-handsome and witty Insurance Broker!  Did I forget to mention ‘humble too?” jk “)


You “must” first decide between these “Primary” 4 Top Level Categories!

  1. Private Sector
  2. County Jobs
  3. State Jobs
  4. Federal Jobs

Here are some examples of Private Sector Jobs

  1. An Insurance company wants to post a job for a licensed tree Contractor to tarp a roof and remove a fallen tree that struck the home,
  2. A homeowner has beetle infested Pine Trees and post a job for tree removal
  3. A private land owners needs to have tree removal and mastication,
  4. A land owner with Timber needs to hire a Forester who can provide a valuation of his time should he sell it

Here are examples of County Jobs

  1. The County has Grant Money to assist homeowners in the removal of infested Pine Trees and contracts with a Licensed Timber Operator to bid on the job and remove the trees,
  2. A Water Agency for the County has dead and dying trees and posts a project to accept bids from Licensed Timber Operators to remove the trees and post the job requirement online with the Project ID.

Similar to the County Jobs Postings the State and Federal Jobs Posting will be the same.

What will change in the upcoming improvements?

For this we are keeping our programming under “wraps” and the new will be provided to those sectors as the improvements are completed.  For keeping up with this sites and the changes you can either read the Blog or Forum Posts. Oh! I will say this.  Blog and Forum page will be locked down from view except for registered users.

Banner Advertising is covered on a separate page.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this message.

Project Posting

Project Posting is under construction.


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