Posting and Advertising

Please note, this site is intended to serve many types of needs. The needs of Timber Operators, Tree Contractors, Government Agencies, Tree Contractors and Consumers. Associated Loggers is for Professionals and nearly everyone needs a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Projects can I post?

All kinds of Projects! Here is a short bullet list of examples:

  • Federal, State, City and County Projects
  • Union and Non-Union Projects
  • Forest Harvesting Projects
  • Mastication Projects
  • Brush Clearing Projects
  • Tree Trimming Projects
  • Tree Removal Projects
  • Tree Stump removal Projects
  • Professional Forest Consultation Wanted Project

Does it cost money to post job or projects?

Yes, we have to pay expenses to develop, market and maintain this web site.

I thought the site was free! So why are you charging?

It is true, I do declare the site is free. What I mean by that is a business can list in the directory for free! Users can also “register” for free. So, a business directory listing and user registration are free. “Not the job or project posting.”

Are we required to purchase insurance in order to use those items that are free?

No. You are not required to purchase insurance to utilize the business directory or to register.

Can we see all of the site’s features and pages if we do not subscribe?

No, you will not be able to see all of the sites features.  Job resumes, Job Alerts, Job Dashboard, Employer Project Postings, Employer Job postings will NOT be visible to you using the “free directory listing or a guest.”