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Job Listings

Job CategoriesJob Description
LoggersResponsible for cutting down trees and preparing them for transport to sawmills
BuckersResponsible for trimming tree tops and branches, and cutting logs into specific lengths.
Skidder OperatorsResponsible for operating a skidder, a type of heavy equipment used to move felled trees from the forest to a landing area
Truck DriversResponsible for transporting logs from the landing area to the sawmill
Sawmill WorkersResponsible for processing logs into lumber, plywood, and other wood products
ForestersResponsible for managing forests and the harvesting of trees in a sustainable manner
Safety OfficersResponsible for ensuring that logging operations comply with safety regulations and best practices
FellersResponsible for cutting down trees using chainsaws or other equipment
Choke SettersResponsible for attaching chains or cables to felled trees to be dragged to the landing area
Loader OperatorsResponsible for operating a loader, a type of heavy equipment used to load logs onto trucks
MillwrightsResponsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing sawmill equipment
Timber CruisersResponsible for surveying and evaluating forests to determine which trees should be harvested
Log Graders and ScalersResponsible for inspecting logs for defects and measure them to establish their volume.

Insurance Listings

Insurance CategoryInsurance Description
Liability InsuranceInsurance that covers damages or injuries caused by logging operations
Workers' Compensation InsuranceInsurance that provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job
Property InsuranceInsurance that protects logging equipment, buildings, and other property from damage or loss
Commercial Auto InsuranceInsurance that covers commercial vehicles used in logging operations, such as trucks and skidders
Umbrella InsuranceAdditional insurance that provides extra liability coverage beyond the limits of other policies.
Environmental Liability InsuranceInsurance that covers damages to the environment caused by logging operations, such as spills or pollution
Equipment Breakdown InsuranceInsurance that covers the cost of repairing or replacing logging equipment that has been damaged or broken down
Professional Liability InsuranceInsurance that covers claims of professional negligence or errors and omissions made by forestry consultants or other logging professionals
Business Interruption InsuranceInsurance that covers lost income and expenses if logging operations are interrupted or suspended due to a covered event, such as a natural disaster or equipment failure.
Transit InsuranceInsurance that covers goods and equipment in transit, including damage or loss during loading, unloading, or transportation
Inland Marine InsuranceInsurance that covers goods and equipment in transit, such as logs being transported from the forest to the sawmill