Save and Continue Feature “save and continue later” feature is usable to any user needing an insurance quote.  YOU MUST be registered in order to use the feature!

With nearly 30 years in providing Insurance Services we have experienced what happens when we do not get “all the information” we need. Not having all the relevant information can cause the following problems:

  1. Delay in receiving a quote,
  2. Refusal to quote due to lack of underwriting information,
  3. Timeline to provide proof of insurance for bids,
  4. Loss of job opportunities,
  5. Frustration in having to start all over again in completing forms due to not having pertinent information at hand to complete applications.

How does the “Save and Continue Later” feature work?

The save an continue feature is provided by a top of the technology industry forms development company.  It requires that a user be “registered” on the site before the user can use the “save and continue later” service.

When you register using a valid email a secured email link will be sent to you in order to “validate” your registration and email.  YOU must click the link in order to activate your registration.

Next, after you validate your email address and click on the link you can return to the form and begin entering your business information. (NOTE! You are not required to register to use the forms but you will not be able to use the “save and continuation feature” if .)

Here are examples of where this save and continue later feature can come in handy.

  1. You have not ordered your hard copy loss runs / loss report and thus cannot attached them to your submission
  2. You do not have Equipment information at hand,
  3. You do not have the vehicle identification numbers for all vehicles handy,
  4. You do not have all the driver license information for commercial auto
  5. You do not know the payroll figures or class codes for your workers compensation quote

These are just a few examples of how a quote request can be stalled or just set.  All information is needed in order to provide you with a quote.

Your will receive an “email to the email address you registered. The activation email will have a special link to use. Click on it. Then, return to your form and begin providing us with informaton.

For a limited number of days, approximately 25, you can return to the form and not have to begin the process from “scratch.”

How do I return to the quote form in order to finish it?

As mentioned above, you will received a special email with a link in it. SAVE the email and the link.  This is very important!


Your information is encrypted on our server for a limited period of time before it is permanently removed.  Our services use the latest in encryption services and if reinforced with multiple layers of firewalls.