Everyone individual or business seeking to find jobs should know that access to this part of the site “is a cost” item.  I have not yet determined the subscription price but will do so very soon. I can say that it “should” be affordable to one and all. Check back soon.

In order to “search or post projects” you must be registered.  To register, click here.

When you first register you may “create a user name” or you can use your email  (important to note, your user name cannot be changed later so get is right or you will have to go through the process all over again.  This is a security item.  And, no two subscribers can have the same user name or email with us)

Now, once you complete the registration process you “must” confirm activation.  You confirm activation by checking and “activation email” with an activation link included in the email.

Once you have verified your account you may begin search the Directory, News and other parts of the site but you will NOT be able to use the Jobs area unless you pay a subscription fee.

The “free part of the site is the “Business Listing” directory.  After you register you may set up your business listing for free.  See “Setting Up Your Business Directory here. ”