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The short answer is “Yes”  So, now you want to know how correct? It’s easy and for your members, it’s flexible. They can have their cake and eat it too!

First, as the “head-organizer” group, association, coalition, organization that is the primary.. what we refer to as the Parent.. You may add the member companies or whatever as “Franchise” members. Our use of the word “franchise” is not mean in the legal sense of “like to purchase a franchise” and we may change that label soon to something else. But for now…

When you list the Parent Business “tick the box” that is labeled “franchise”  Now, what this will allow you to do is to add other members to your group and more.

  1. At this point ‘you’ or your staff can add the businesses individually or,
  2. You can set permissions to allow each member to add their own listing under your Parent listing and provide them with permissions to make their own changes. No, there is no fee for this. And if you would like to arrange a group meeting online we would be glad to assist you.  We can have up to 50 attendees and we use a service called GoToMeeting.
  3. Users who search for your Organization will find the Parent listing and other “associated” members!
  4. Not directly related, but all members can post events in your area for free.

Ok, so that was the Cake.. now for being able to eat it!  Would you like milk with that cake? lol  If each member would like to have an individual listing they can.  As an example; let us say that you have a member and that member also has a Paneling Manufacturing business.  They can, for free, register and add their listing under Manufacturer.  So they can be listed under your Association and be listed individually.  No purchase is necessary but we do accept donations.

Have a good day.  Harvest Healthy!

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